Open Office Hours with Christian. For free. Every Wednesday.

Here is how to reach to Christian Schulz and Daniel Höfler from the Health Hackers e.V. for questions, feedback and advice. We from the Health Hackers e.V. are happy to help and connect you with people from within our community and the Digital Health Hub ecosystem.

Find a free slot that fits your schedule in the calendar below and book it.


• The Open Office Hours are for Hackers, Physicians, Scientists, Engineers, Programmers, Startup Entrepreneurs, Corporate Intrapreneurs & Students of all faculties
• The Open OfficeHours will take place either physically at DHIP, the Health Hacker Vereinsheim or remotely by Skype - please indicate while your are booking
It is free of charge due to the funding of Bayerische Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie und Technologie to boost the local community
• My E-mail and Skype Account is
If you have made an appointment, please SAVE THE DATE TO YOUR CALENDAR! Use the booking system to help you! 
If you cannot make it, let me know in advance and respect each others the time!
• Is there something to know about the Open Office Hours before booking?! For questions and inquires please READ THE FAQ BELOW 

FAQ - skip to bottom to book your appointment

Why are you doing Open Office Hours?

Because somebody helped me the same way and I am curious to see what is out there in the local community and how I can help. It is all about community!

Why should you think about doing this?

There are plenty of reasons – Do you need feedback, advice or just somebody to talk about your idea? You just got this idea for a product in a healthcare related issue, but don´t know what to do next? You are a healthcare professional and there is a nagging problem in your daily life you would like being solved by technology? Or do you even look for specific co-founders like programmer, engineers or business people? Or you just like to get connected to the local community of healthcare and technology enthusiasts? Even if you just finishing your studies and are currently looking for a job in a startup or at a healthcare related company.

If you are still unsure, if an Open Office Hour appointment is right for, feel free to reach out to me in advance:

Who can participate in the Open Office Hours

You decide if it is useful for you. Basically, if you are a hacker, tinkerer, scientist, physician, programmer, engineer or designer with an idea, concept, prototype or even product – feel free to book an appointment.

Can I come with my startup?

Yes, but please come for the right reason. I am happy to help you by giving advice and feedback – especially if you’re an early stage startup or just thinking about a startup. One of the best reasons to come to Open Office Hours is to get connected within the community and our ecosystem. It does not matter if you are looking for co-founders or partners, we try to help you with both matters.

Why is it for free?

First of all, I believe that a great community only works when everybody gives more than he gets, so I lead by example and do not charge my usual rate as a freelance consultant. Secondly, I do get paid indirectly by the Health Hackers e.V. as this is part of my job and our community building activities.

Who are you?

My name is Christian Schulz and I am the “1. Vorstand” of the Health Hackers e.V. and I am lucky to work for my passion of organizing amazing technology events and embrace a technology community on healthcare topics. As a trained chemist I love to connect things – not only atoms – and then I just see what happens. Additionally, I have a degree in business and took part in founding several startups. In my last job I was a Startup Coach at BayStartup where I coached over 35 startups.

Who are the Health Hackers e.V.?

It is a non-profit association (gemeinnütziger Verein) in Erlangen and basically we are group of people who are passionate about technology and its potential to solve the challenges in modern healthcare. For more information, check out our website (

What is expected for preparation?

So here is a simple rule: I respect your time and you do the same with mine..

I do not expect a perfect presentation with many slides of your idea or problem, but at least put some thoughts into how to present your issue and what you try to achieve by the Open Office Hours.

Alright, let’s meet at the Open Office Hours!

Cheers Chris

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